Geoff Nelson - Vocals  
One of three brothers from Edmonds, Washington, I grew up with an interest in politics and music. When not working on songs, I spend time with my wife and baby girl and like to get outdoors boating, biking, skiing and hiking.


  Clint Fallon - Guitar  


Originally from Huntington Beach, California, I started playing guitar about 13 years ago and it continues to be my main interest along with writing and recording. My music influences range from The Beatles to Opeth.
  Sean Yocum - Bass  
Raised in Stanwood, Washington, I've had an interest in music from an early age. I've played with many talented musicians over the years. Fishing, camping and all sorts of outdoor activities keep me busy when I'm not playing music or working.
  Jason Parker -Drums  
Born in Missoula Montana. I Moved to Seattle Area in 1994 (still doesn't feel like home). I've played in a few cover bands and a few original music bands over the years. I have a 7 year old son who keeps me busy with all manner of sports and cub scouts. In my free time (yeah right) I enjoy reading and playing videogames. Unlike most drummers, I have my own place and am gainfully employed full time at Boeing.